The Dutch like the bathroom more than sex

A recent poll revealed that the Dutch enjoy dropping a deuce more than they like getting it on, as passed along by That tickled me. Here's my question - I spent about 30 minutes trying to think of the best way to phrase that... what's the best you can come up with?


  1. How about: The Dutch like the vertical drop more than the horizontal flop?

    Or: The Dutch will pinch one off before they rub one out.

    Actually, those are both atrocious. Carry on.

  2. Haha I enjoyed those, well done. I have to be honest, I'm embarrassed I can't think of anything good. There has to be a REALLY good turn of phrase for this just sitting there, and I can't find it... failure of a writer, me

    This also raises the question - do the Dutch have some bathroom magic going on? I know the Japanese are famous for their toilets, but maybe the Dutch have got the toilet thing down. This bears investigation.

  3. Let's try it in limerick form:

    There's something the Dutch like to do
    Altogether much better than screw
    They say Number One
    Is decently fun
    But they relish a grand Number Two

  4. Now you're onto something. "They relish a grand Number Two" might have to get put on our 'big board' of quotables at the bottom of the blog hahaha

  5. Haha wow Aaron, I was not expecting the blumpkin link from you...

    This also reminds me of the Diapered Anime nonsense I read about (linked from Shawn Elliott) with these people and their diaper fantasies, which I refuse to link to on principle