Aight, Dawg

It's official: Steve Smith is the Anti-Terrell Owens. Hat-tip to Sports Guy for the video link, which was fascinating to watch because
A) of the way Steve Smith offers unqualified support to not one, but two teammates - even encouraging DeAngelo Williams to "bomb on me" to vent his anger. I didn't even know that "bomb on me" was an learned something today.
B) of the half-dozen plays shown (in whole or in part), including 3 interceptions, Smith never stops hustling. He's like Rip Hamilton, only if Rip was allowed to tackle opposing players after turning the ball over. Again, fascinating to see, which is both an encouraging & a sad statement on the work ethic of the modern NFL.
C) what you see at the end of that video is about eleventy billion times more genuine than Terrell's lame Rod Tidwell imitation.
Great players are hard enough to come by; finding a great player who's also a great teammate is even harder, so the Panthers should count themselves lucky that they have # 89 on their side week in and week out.


  1. So, to continue piggybacking Bill Simmons... what about the part where Steve Smith has punched a teammate on two different occasions?

    The guy is definitely fascinating. Simmons calls him "Iversonian" and I think that's the absolute perfect description. There is a lot of complexity going on there.

  2. I'm falling in line here with my thanks to Simmons for the video link. The biggest part for me was your point B) - I couldn't get over how hard Smith worked, at all times, no matter the situation.

    Much respect for Smith. My next goal with this thing is to somehow get "Bomb on me" into a post...