Buzz Beast

We just got a new blog follower of FIWK, so I looked at Buzz Beast to see what their blog is all about. It's a pretty cool site. They use the Google Blogger back end but have a custom url at and I like the slickness and color of the blog layout. They also have a recent comments section, like we do.

The site focuses on cool product design, which is a blog topic covered by Caitlin, among others. For instance, Buzz Beast just featured a post about the design of the new Facebook office, which is a topic we recently discussed on FIWK.


  1. Their colorful banner continues to trip me out. I think it's a psychedelic, toothy, big-eared beast, right?

    Also, no sign of the Rock Band Room in the Facebook office pictures. For shame.

    Big ups to Buzz Beast for following us, I hope they keep putting up the products with cool design.

  2. Thanks guys- Keep up the great work! BUZZ-BEAST.COM has been alive sense February 09. Because of the site, I have been very fortunate to meet so many interesting people all over the world. It has also opened some doors for consulting work for a couple upstart small business's and enabled me to help out others with a charity I started called- "Shades of Rome". A couple months ago I was contacted by a student attending SpringHill College requesting any help that I could give her school acquiring items to donate to deliver to children in South America. Because of an interview I did with Ray Burse of the MLS's FC Dallas Soccer team, I had access to send him an email regarding the situation. With in a week Ray gathered up items from FC Dallas and called his Puma representative and they collectively shipped a ton of items to SpringHill College for the students to deliver while on their volunteer missions. This was all possible b/c of really is amazing- I would love to hear from anyone trying to get started blogging or anyone that is currently blogging. I can be reached via email at - Sean

  3. I think I could start getting into design blogs - first Caitlin, now BuzzBeast. How awesome? SO awesome. I'm digging (no trademark) those Paul Smith-designed bottles for Evian - I bet the water even tastes hipper. Any thoughts from Team FIWK on "After The Jump"? I like it.

  4. Before visiting the site, the banner reminded me of the Nimbus, Captain Branigan's ship on Futurama.

    Maybe that's because I'm watching Futurama right now. Off to visit Buzz Beast.

  5. Looks like a pretty cool product review site of products I have never heard of but now want in my life.