$150 > $50M

Just cause I found this awesome and haven't posted in a while: found this Wired article the other day about a group of MIT students who took the picture below. Here's the kicker: it cost them only $150


  1. I followed the link from the Wired article to the Wikipedia article for the Karman line,to the Astronaut Badge, to the X-15.

    Is it possible to distinguish from the Information Age and the Communication Age? Which do you think is more appropriate? Although, this is kind of like giving yourself a nickname.

  2. haha - I "troll" my way through Wikipedia often; 2-3 hour gaps exist in my life where I don't really know what I researched, but I know I was interested at the time...

  3. I vote Information Age, but can we call it the Internet Age? Isn't that the defining, world-changing invention of the period?

    The other two names sound more stuffy and lame. But yes it's exactly like giving yourself a nickname - this is something for other Ages to name us