NFL Week 2 Picks

To drop a a second link to Simmons' NFL picks column I want to talk about the actual games this week. Three are particularly tough to call:
Bucs (+5) over BILLS
Saints (PK) over EAGLES
Ravens (+3.5) over CHARGERS

Who you picking in these games?


  1. I'm actually horrified the Saints-Eagles line is that close, I'd have pegged it as Saints -3.5 and still taken the saints.

    Obviously as a Chargers fan I like us in that game, but I'm SUPER nervous about playing Baltimore. They are just so solid, and Flacco looks legitimately good.

    I absolutely cannot get a handle on the Bucs or Bills, they might both be terrible or both be good, I can't decide. No idea what to think. Someone help?

  2. That Saints-Eagles line is RIDICULOUS. Did Vegas actually watch the Saints last week? What's the combination of monster & beast - Beaster? Because that's what Drew Brees is on the football field. Drew Brees versus Kevin "No Career Starts" Kolb is a Pick'Em? Absurd.

  3. I'm taking Saints, Ravens, and Bills in that order (confidence level).

    Admit it Royce - you only posted so you could toss in that LDT photo...

  4. Well, it was the Saints vs. the Lions, so I don't think Brees is throwing for 6 TD's again. And it's hard to tell if the Eagles defense was great or Delhomme really is that bad. McNabb may be too injured to play and they are playing in Philly. I think the PICK is appropriate, but I'm still picking the Saints.

    I think Fred Jackson runs and catches all over the Bucs and the Bills win convincingly.

    The Chargers-Ravens super worries me. I think the Chargers win, but to tell you why, I need to share a secret I have only told one or two people. This is the public outing. I think the Chargers are a better team when Tomlinson isn't trying to pretend he's an elite running back. With him out, I think the Chargers offense is going to move more efficiently than we have seen in a while. I still love LT and have faith in him (including drafting him in the first round of my biggest money fantasy league), but if he's anything less than 100% healthy, I'd rather go with Sproles. I expect something like 35-31 Chargers.

  5. Other underdogs I am picking to win outright: Seattle, NY Giants, and Oakland.

  6. The Oakland line is also dumb but I didn't include it because no one cares. I too have the Giants and Seattle but I'm not as confident on those.

    Aaron, I'm happy you feel comfortable enough with us that you can be honest with the group about your LaDainian Tomlinson feelings. It's important that you get it off your chest. I'm proud of you, and I also agree with you... it's going to be uncomfortable in SD if Sproles goes off and is way better than LT this game though.

  7. It shouldn't be uncomfortable - LDT has been on the decline for a couple years now; eventually he'd be replaced by a more effective back.

  8. How dare you

    That was an atrocious effort. Can we convert a single red zone trip into a touchdown, ever? Phil Rivers, meet Antonio Gates... now throw a corner route!

  9. Why we lost in one line: The Chargers couldn't run for one yard when they really needed to.

  10. Also, I've decided to pretend I'm a professional gambler. Instead of picking every game (which after two weeks I'm still better than all my friends), I am going to select at least five games ATS, but target games where I have a little more confidence.

    I went 4-2 in the six picks I gave here, and I also would have taken several other teams, not because I thought they could win, but to take advantage of such large spreads; Detroit, Cincinnati, Houston, and St. Louis.

  11. Aaron, I love this idea. This is the exact idea behind this week 2 picks post, and I hope you (or I) will keep it going forward. My roommate is going to Vegas this weekend so I'm actually giving him some picks to make... want to discuss like five $20 picks ATS by Thursday let's say?

  12. Definitely down to partake in this. I've picked 6 games ATS this year and have gone 5-1:

    Week 1
    Chargers -9 (see, I don't hate you guys entirely - but, you did ruin my perfect season)
    Packers -3.5
    Niners +6

    Week 2
    Bills -4
    Broncos -3
    Raiders +3

  13. Well, I will also be linking to my Yahoo picks, because I am interested in how you guys do in two distinct formats...picking EVERY game or only picking a few games.