Wine and Cereal Pairing

Gary Vaynerchuk is at it again - in addition to strategizing about social media, Gary Vee's most famous gig is helming Wine Library TV. No matter what you think of wine and pairing it with food, you have to give him props for having the creativity and the cojones to ask the question "What wine pairs with cereal?" We are talking Cap'n Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Lucky Charms... is this as cool to you as it is to me?

(Can't find a way to embed it so just click the link to see the video)


  1. I legitimately want to try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch + Chardonnay pairing now. I don't care if that earns me a Roycie for today.

    Is anyone else into wine here? Would you ever consider trying this pairing?

  2. Seeing as my dad used to work with a guy who put Dr. Pepper on his Cap'n Crunch, I would at least be willing to try the potentially less-disgusting Chard & CTC. Is there a ceral you can think of that would pair well with a Red? Maybe Grape Nuts?

  3. Hm ya I would probably go with something that is a bit more bran-based or whatever. Less sugar would probably help... if you can get something with nuts but not honey (off the top of my head I can't think of anything) that might not be atrocious. I can't think of what red varietal I would want to pair though... Shiraz? Tempranillo? Charles Schaw?

  4. I'm down for this!! I have pushed for a cereal bar at my last 2 jobs with no success.... which I don't get because how can you have a bad day when it begins with fruity pebbles, lucky charms blend?

  5. Oh word Caitlin. Although I'd say a Fruit Loops / Lucky Charms blend would be an even better way to start the day. And then pair it with some wine for breakfast because why not?

    I have been unsuccessfully trying to get everyone I know to go Juju Cereal Bar which just opened near me. My theory is if you love Yogurtland (who doesn't) and you love cereal (duh), then you would obviously love a Yogurtland-esque cereal bar.

  6. I'm much more of a beer guy, preferring a really hoppy IPA and ales over lagers...but I am trying to get into wine a little bit. Unfortunately, most of my wine pairing knowledge is limited to red wine with steak, white with chicken and fish. When I do choose wine, it tends to be a sweet reisling or a smooth cabernet sovignon or zinfindel.

    So here goes... I'd pair a merlot with raisin bran. I think the heaviness of the cereal would favor a red, but the cereal is a little sweet, so a wine without an overwhelming flavor would be preferred.

    I'd go with pinot grigio with cheerios, rice krispies, corn flakes and other semi-bland kind of healthy cereals, to keep it light and add a little sweetness.

    Cabernet sovignon would go with honey bunches of oats, because those are best when being savored instead of consumed quickly.

    And my personal favorite, althought I don't think it will agree with other's palettes, would be a reisling with Kix. Not pure sugar like many kids cereals, but still plenty sweet for my taste.