Weekend Comedy 4/25


  1. I clicked here because this song is so worth at least one comment...but as soon as I did, I realized that this song left me speechless? I couldn't add anything.

    It's fun. It gets me to remember that Toto can be just as enjoyable as the Offspring. These guys are entertaining, yet amazingly forgettable. They have some kind of talent, but I don't know where their talent is. The music they play seems relatively simple. There might be some genius in transitioning all the songs together.

    These guys reminded me of the chapter of Blink where Malocolm Gladwell is talking about Kenna (make sure to click the link and listen to his songs) and how experts at identifying musical talent knew Kenna was really good, but because he was to hard to classify he has seen very limited success on the radio (and other music "measureables" like record sales).

    When we first passed around this Axis of Awesome video, we weren't sure if we should use it for Weekend Comedy or Music Tuesdays...did we make the right choice? Probably not.

  2. We absolutely did.

    This is comedy, just as Seven Lynch is comedy.

  3. Oh I always thought that Gladwell story was about Keane, and then after he wrote it they ended up getting popular anyway...

    I think there's a certain comedy genius to Axis of Awesome, which as Scott says is why they are where they belong. For instance, see the part where the tall gangly guitarist starts singing the female solo awkwardly. Pretty well done, right?

    It is fun to see all the songs parade across in one little snap. It reminds me of the Barenaked Ladies cover medleys that they sometimes do (starting at the 2:10 mark of the video... how do I link to video timestamps, again?)

  4. Royce - I'm not ashamed to say "I love you" for linking me to the BNL rap. I give that 5/5 Orgasm Faces. You've just set the bar extremely high for your Music Tuesdays from here on out. Absolutely everything about that video made me happy and giddy - absolutely everything.

    PS Here's how you link to a specific point in time for a Youtube video (although, I enjoyed the first 2 minutes of that clip, so I'm happy you didn't jump to the medley portion).

  5. Why thank you Scott. Nice links yourself by the way.

    Two other things that need to be mentioned about Axis of Awesome: 1. the physical spectrum of the three band members is awesome. Tall/medium/short, thin/fat/average, all three geeky and weird looking... it's just classic.

    2. Some of those songs I don't recognize and I'm guessing they're from Australian bands. That intrigues me and makes me want to try and discover these Australian songs.