National Geographic: Octopuses Are Cool

Two videos about octopuses that I saw on National Geographic's website today impressed me. They are both borderline weekend comedy type videos but they are interesting enough that I wanted to share here:

Shark vs. Octopus

Coconut-carrying Octopus: (no sound, but you can read about it here)


  1. I'm not going to lie, I did not think octopuses were so badass. Also did you know that octopi is not the preferred plural form for octopus? Weird.

  2. Haha - I was just going to remark on octopuses, and call you out on your lack of octopi use. Damn...

  3. After actually watching the videos:

    1) Aquarium-keepers are dumb. Shouldn't they know that octopi (can't bring myself to say octopuses - feels like I'm saying gooses) and sharks don't get along? Shouldn't the two animals not be in the same tank?

    2) That's just goofy - the dood just gallops across the floor with a coconut attached to it's belly?!?

  4. 1. I'm with Scott on the octopuses/octopi thing.
    2. Do you watch Life on NatGeo? I think it's on NatGeo. Great show!
    3. The all-green room is actually the parking structure on Broxton in Westwood. 3rd floor. And I enjoy the comments on peripherals. I know my bf/photographer would appreciate them because he likes to take good photos, not just plain Jane outfit pictures. Thanks for the feedback.
    4. I think there is a niche market for your same-ish-different-day fashion blog. Let's make it happen!

    Live Love LA

  5. At least nobody made an Octopusi joke

    Neekoh I do not watch Life on NatGeo (aka Natty Geo) but I am immediately going to start. I hope like heck I get NatGeo channel in HD though.

    Also I still feel like I owe you after apparently lying to you about 4th & Bleeker commenting on your blog. Um, sorry?

  6. Dude, you can't talk about octopi being bad ass and then not talk about this critter that steals a camera. Ballsy.

    The video is actually really beautiful.

  7. Yes, you owe me. Have her seriously comment. :P

    All's good. I wasn't too disappointed because, frankly, it wasn't even expected. :)

  8. I believe Life is shown on the Discovery Channel. It was fun series, but I think it didn't live up to its predecessor: Planet Earth.

    How neat is it that there's a song out there with the lyrics "I love you octopus" - that's just insane, right?!?!

  9. Did Dicovery Channel change it's name to Science Channel?