Tech Thursday: Microsoft's Project Natal

In an ode to our ongoing 3D discussion, this week's Tech Thursday surrounds Microsoft's very awesome Project Natal. Gizmodo (with the help of Business Wire), announced today that the revolutionary technology behind Project Natal's sensor-capabilities was built/produced by a small Israeli company named PrimeSense, which I find awesome (go little guys!). If you guys aren't aware of Project Natal, I suggest perusing their YouTube channel - if this works as it's expected, the world of gaming will be changed forever. Combine a functional Project Natal with a 3DHD TV that doesn't need glasses, and we may end up never leaving home!


  1. Sure we'll leave home, we'll just use robots.

  2. I thought this was already in use by Disney's California Adventure park in the Turtle Talk with Crush interactive show, but it turns out that a live actor/puppeteer controls the turtle's voice and movement with the audience. Still pretty cool animation technology, but not as cool as the little kid above.