Olivia Munn - She's Awesome

Olivia Munn, she of G4's Attack of the Show! fame is pretty freackin' awesome. 'Why?, you ask. Well, outside of being Hollywood's sexiest geek, she's in Date Night, and will be appear Iron Man 2 - how could you go wrong with that resume? Oh, and then there's this:


  1. How dare you use that title without using the catchphrase How awesome? So awesome.

    I have never watched G4. Which is weird. I'm probably the ideal G4 viewer. I care about video games, I'm nerdy - I just linked to a Penny Arcade comic about video game reviewers, for instance. I feel like I should participate.

    That said I did enjoy this video.

  2. I saw her in Iron Man 2 but she wasn't even playing a character, she was just being herself reporting on the fictional Stark Expo in one of those "show a fake TV news clip to set the scene" scenes.

    Still, she's pretty awesome.