This Week in Sports: I'll take the field

In Bill Simmons podcast he told Chad Millman he was betting on Duke because if Duke wins, then he wins money and if Duke loses, then Duke lost. An emotional hedge. I'm making an emotional hedge with the Masters this year. I'm so tired of clicking on a link that says "Tiger Woods on the golf course" and reading about the press conference and his interaction with the gallery. I am so excited about golf this weekend and so frustrated because I know that every announcer will be focusing on every good shot and every bad shot Tiger makes and trying to determine if what happened over the past several months influenced the good/bad shot.

A buddy asked for 3/1 odds that Tiger would win and I jumped on the field. If Tiger doesn't win (which I don't think he will) then I win. If Tiger wins, then everyone wins.

In the photos above, I specifically excluded Phil putting the jacket on Tiger or Tiger putting the jacket on Phil. Weir to Phil. Phil to Zach. Zach to Immelman. Immelman to El Pato. Yes I knew those names off the top of my head. That's what winning a major (especially the Masters) does to exposure and name/face recognition for professional golfers.

As a special bonus competition, all readers of FIWK are welcome to join our Masters Best Ball Challenge group. The group name is FIWK Bruins and the password is "ucla".


  1. How does everyone win if Tiger wins? I'm confused...

  2. Because we all like rooting for the best?

  3. Because there will be some semblance of the world returning to normal. There should be fewer TMZ-style articles about Tiger on SportsCenter and We can get back to talking about golf instead of sex addiction.

    Unless you like all that talk. Then it should read, "If Tiger loses, I win. If Tiger wins, then everyone [who hates the inane sex-addiction media frenzy] wins."

  4. I see...I see...I guess that makes sense. I now just tune-out whenever I see a Tiger segment on SportsCenter.

  5. Results!

    I won the FIWK Bruins with a total of -40. I rode Bill Haas and Dustin Johnson all four days with Tiger's two eagles on Day 4 helping a lot.

    Scott came in a close second at -38. He followed a -8 Day 3 where he forgot to change out Paul Casey (who missed the cut) with a VERY impressive -13 on Day 4. That may have been the best single day I have seen. He used Ernie Els, Ricky Barnes and Lucas Glover all four days and switched in Lee Westwood to replace Paul Casey on the last day.

    Royce rode Phil, Steve Stricker, John Merrick and Soren Hansen all four day. What's that? Merrick and Hansen didn't make the cut? Yeah, Royce didn't know that either. He still had a -9 on the final day with only two guys, but came in last at -33.

  6. I always do this. I don't know what's wrong with me. I love picking a Best Ball team every time, but then I also forget to reset it after the cut - every time. D'oh

    Still a good tournament all around. I thought I'd hate this Masters because of the Tiger oversaturation, but I ended up loving it. Some quality golf there. Phil hugging his wife in tears after winning was pretty great.