Music Tuesdays - Airplaines by Local Natives

Got this one from our friend Rebecca at Drunk Literature. Thanks Rebecca!


  1. I had an internal debate about how this song was about (girlfriend or mother), and I was leaning towards mother due to the "I did not know you as well as my father knew you" line (and, I guess, much of the last verse). However, I was confused as poop by the video and its constant display of a gentleman's picture, until I read this bit explaining how it's about a band member's grandfather.

    I very much enjoyed the video to this song, until the final minute - then it just got weird and slightly disturbing (especially in light of the song's meaning). I mean, really, what's with the exploding pictures of, I'm assuming, the grandfather? And why is it food compost emerging from the photos?

    I enjoyed this song, and most of the video, enough to give it 3.25/5 Happy Faces.

  2. The video was ok. I liked the song better than Radar Detector, but you only have seven songs to go.

    Scott, I appreciate the consistency of the 3.25...I know you added that quarter smiley face just for me.

  3. Haha Scott is just throwing in quarter smiles like they're Halloween candy now. You've created a monster.

    I agree the video probably didn't stack up for me especially at the end. I find the song very chill. A Rebecca hallmark at this point haha.

  4. I don't think he's throwing them in like Halloween candy...because he could just have easily deducted a quarter point for poor penmanship.