Music Tuesdays feat. Small Hands, Big Ideas (again)

This week's offering once again comes from our friend Grace of the great blog Small Hands, Big Ideas. Non-music plug for Small Hands - I like her latest blog on being "down" with new stuff because we all know exactly what she's talking about and how true it is. Plus it involves the word "beeker" multiple times.

As you will recall, last week Grace passed along the group N.A.S.A.. This week it's a very different vibe with the song "Elephants" by Warpaint:

I also want to give an honorable mention to the song "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap, even though everyone knows it, because I just saw 500 Days of Summer and this is the star of the soundtrack:

Have we not had a Garden State and 500 Days of Summer soundtrack discussion on FIWK yet?


  1. I don't think my last comment went through, since Firefox gave me the big middle finger. If it did, and I don't see it, then you will have two similar comments from me.

    As Royce and I were saying earlier (private gchat, jealous, right?) I think that Garden State is my all-time favorite movie album, ever. 500 Days of Summer also was a great soundtrack and so I'm happy he included The Temper Trap, great track.

    So what do you think of Warpaint? Sultry, right? Thanks for having me, gents.

  2. Boo Firefox... hooray beer

    There is no question that Garden State is my favorite movie album also. It's the best ever, period. I think out of the whole thing there is maybe one song I don't care for and the rest are classics.

    The Warpaint song was pretty sultry all right. I digged its vibe. Although I don't know if they're doing themselves many favors with their video - I kept laughing every time it cut to the guitarist and bass player just shaking their heads slowly.

  3. Thanks again for the find Grace! By the way what NASA song was your favorite?

  4. WOW! Warpaint gets a legit 11/10 happy faces!

    And, umm...the lead singer is...umm...yeah...

    Thanks for the find Grace!

  5. Yup. that Jenny Lee Lindberg sure has a lot going for her...

    This is now on repeat.