California - State of Crisis?

I came across this Forbes article in which the CEO of Joint Venture Silicon Valley called for a constitutional convention for the state of California. This was also mentioned on CNBC the other day in a segment in which they compared the current troubles surrounding Greece to those of California.

And here you thought the term constitutional convention belonged to our "four fathers"...

Here are my thoughts: "YES!" While I think we may be over-reacting a bit, it's about damned time to break-open the Golden State instead of the relentless loop we're currently in of merely plugging holes.

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  1. I feel so strongly about this that it took me three days to bottle my ferocity into a coherent response. No joke.

    I'll put it simply - why do we (and I mean we, the people of California) act like there is not a terminal illness with California's budget system? We are like the dog that pees on the electric fence, gets electrocuted, and keeps on peeing on it every day. We simply do not learn our lesson. Why?