LOST Season Finale Recap and Season 6 Theories

LOST starts its final season tonight and I couldn't be more excited. I re-watched the season 5 finale on ABC.com to remember what happened. I highly recommend getting a refresher.

I've also been reading a few blogs that came out immediately after last season's finale. Every link here is nothing but spoilers - this is only interesting if you've watched the season 5 finale. The blog ScreenRant has a good recap with interesting discussion, while Kulturblog has additional 'observations and speculation' about the finale also.

Now that season 6 is upon us, the Chicago Tribune has a nice retrospective and random notes feature up on one of its blog, which covers a lot of the relevant theories.

And finally, this card for LOST Bingo is brilliant. I am definitely playing it tonight with friends.

Theories and discussion of minutiae to follow in the comments. Trying to keep this as clean as possible for non-watchers not to be spoiled.


  1. I try my hardest to not get into theories. I like to be surprised by the writers. Also, not that I think I could, but I'd never want to actually guess an ending.

    I'm looking forward to all of our questions being solved and one hell of an ending!

  2. Ok then let me ask you this, Rich - what are your THREE BIGGEST questions going into season 6?

  3. I think they are going to go back to the beginning and not ever crash.....
    Then I think the season will show how they meet organically anyway.
    I am SUPER excited though!

  4. Um so apparently C-Mac saw an early version of the premiere before making her predictions, which is cheating. Cause how else does someone get them 100% right like that? Crazy

    Ok follow-up discussion time. I might even make a new post I'm so excited.

  5. I am also a rabid fan of LOST, but I feel like our theories can't even get close to some of the other sites and blogs devoted entirely to LOST. Without going into too much detail... both timelines feel "wrong" ... as in neither is correct, or there is not one correct one and a second alternate.

    Quick examples of the no-crash timeline...the flight attendant gives Jack one bottle instead of two, Desmond is on the plane, Boone didn't find Shannon, Hurley is lucky.

    Quick examples from the island timeline...they are still wearing their Dharma Initiative coveralls, so the bomb didn't go off(?) but how did they get back to the present? The Swan station was built (because it matches the way it was destroyed by Desmond). Now we're dealing with Esau/evil Locke/smoke monster vs. Jacob...and it almost feels like this path won't tell us why the island is/was able to skip through time. Why did Juliet skip through time when she wasn't on the plane, but other people, such as Sun, weren't skipping?

    Right now, all I really have is that everything feels "wrong."