Buffett Buys Dinner for Fund Manager Based on Letter

I love this story. Warren Buffett recently flew a 29 year-old fund manager to Omaha and paid for her meal because he liked the research she submitted to him so much. The linked story has all the details so I won't repeat. Dinners with Buffett have sold for over $2 million at charity auctions, so to be flown in by Buffett for a meal, all based on your letter to him, is amazing.

She put the picture with Buffett, whose wallet she's holding, as her Facebook profile pic:

The crazy part to me is learning about Cara Goldenberg, who is like a wunderkind 29 year-old managing partner of Permian Investment Partners, which she co-founded 18 months ago. She must be smart as hell to be in that position that young, and have some good ideas to submit as research to Buffett that would impress him so much.

PS, I found this story on the Everything Warren Buffett blog feed which I once linked to in our Content DJ post.

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  1. As far as I can tell Permian Investment Partners focuses on value companies in Western Europe, but can't find specifics. I don't think they have a website? All I can find is a LinkedIn profile for Cara which outlines the strategies of Permian. It is worded with extreme precision.