LA's Food Trucks

It has come to my attention that the gourmet food truck craze does not exist in all parts of our nation. For shame.

Here in the sprawl of Los Angeles, getting lunch near your office can sometimes be a pain. I've eaten at Subway so often I'm sick of it. Instead, I keep my meals delicious by frequenting the gourmet catering trucks.

Have you heard of a 'roach coach' cruising to construction sites to serve up lunches to the workers? Well, here in Los Angeles they took that concept and made it high-end and delicious. The Kogi BBQ truck, with its Korean bbq tacos, was the first that it hit it big. There are now many others and they're all delicious.

Kogi and the other trucks broadcast their location to customers using their Twitter accounts, which is something you social media types will appreciate. There is now even a dedicated website to aggregate the feeds, and some dedicated open lots around town for the trucks to pull up at and serve.

And man are the trucks delicious. Kogi's success has spawned other trucks such as the suspiciously similar-sounding Calbi truck - also Korean bbq tacos - and the brand new "Jamaican-American fusion" truck Reggae Chicken. Personally I'm a big fan of the trucks that went for niche foods, like the Sweets Truck (its Twitter feed here) and The Grilled Cheese Truck (its Twitter feed here).

If you are in LA - do you frequent the food trucks? If you are not in LA - do you wish you had food trucks? And now, off to go get some treats from the Sweets Truck...


  1. I give it a year! This craze can't keep going forever.

  2. GotGame - I think this number of gourmet trucks might not be sustainable forever (and their overhead is higher than you think - they can't typically park overnight on the street), I feel like a certain number of them will keep it going. We all get very excited when an unexpected new lunch option shows up near our office midweek.

  3. Downtown SF has some strong food options across all price ranges, so it would never fly here in the city. That said, working slightly outside of downtown has killed my food options, so I'd LOVE for a random food truck to swing by every couple of days...

  4. I don't know about the random gourmet trucks, but I know there is a taco truck at a certain place every day at lunch. It's across the street from BevMo, so sometimes I pick up some beer for after work while getting deliciously unhealthy mexican food.