Commercial Throwdown: Small Hands, Smile, FIWK

With a list of featured bloggers longer than the featured rappers list on Lil Jon's Grand Finale, I present to you yet another commercial throwdown. Contributing their finds are our friends Grace from Small Hands, Big Ideas and Lijit and Caitlin aka C-Mac from Smile Like You Mean It.

First, here's what Grace said about her choice:

"This time I chose Evian-Roller Babies Live Young

"This commercial is not only viral in nature (spread like wild fire) but it's simple, invokes humor and is back dropped with Rappers Delight (classic!) Seeing dancing, roller babies jamming out to Rappers Delight is unique, made me laugh, pass it along to all my friends, and sub-consciously I was definitely thinking about Evian water. Mmm. I appreciate viral videos such as this and think that Evian did a great job executing this new "Live Young" campaign, while getting everyone to "talk" about the Dancing Roller Babies."

Aaron submits the following Bud Light commercial:

C-Mac has posted this Wal-Mart commercial as her submission.

And finally, I choose this Geico fiddle commercial from Geico's 'rhetorical questions' commercial series.

So there you have it, the gauntlents have been thrown - now tell us what you like.


  1. Too funny - Aaron, I almost posted the beer commercial as my choice. I I was neck and neck between choosing Roller Babies and the clothing drive (which is totally epic). I like how women ALSO take off their clothes ;) and not just men, where beer ads are often geared toward men. Beer ads are almost always funny, so I like to see other products step it up.

    Hadn't seen the Wal-Mart one and I really like it. Funny is good, they might be getting smarter.

  2. Aaron's beer commercial gets my vote.

  3. Aaron's wins, but only slightly over dancing babies. I loved how they brought in all the old-school roller skating moves into the piece.

  4. TOPolk - yeah, it's hard to argue with the naked office concept. I have to agree.

    But I think it only narrowlyyyy edges out C-Mac's Wal-Mart commercial, which slays me. And actually dancing babies were great with the roller skates... and "that's how you do it son" and the fact that Charlie Daniels looks like Santa playing the fiddle gets me every time...

    Really strong group.

    I agree with Grace - love how the chicks got naked in the Bud Light commercial too. Except for the one hot chick that the guys were trying to convince, that is hilarious.

    And the fact that Wal-Mart made an actually good commercial is more surprising than anything.

  5. I also giggle with the "that's how you do it son" comment - mainly cause it appears as if it was thrown in as an after thought (even though it clearly wasn't). Subtle geniusness...gets me every time.

    Question: you're office is throwing a "show up to work naked" party - you happy/scared?

  6. F**king terrified

    Bonus question - are you more or less terrified of your OFFICE throwing a "show up naked" party, or of FIWK throwing one?

  7. We're a "young" and "good-looking" office (if I have to say so myself) but I'm still terrified thinking of the "show up naked" office party. Yikes.

  8. Well, we're a pretty close group, with some good looking people...but I would wonder what all of our spouses would think...considering everyone in my office is married.

  9. and Royce, we already had the FIWK "show up naked" party a few years ago in college, but it wasn't FIWK was UCLA IMs and the Undie Run.

  10. Ok everybody, stay away from Grace's "young and good-looking office" comments or Lijit's HR department is going to come after us. I am nervous.

    Haha Aaron tremendous point about the Undie Run... really one of the great UCLA traditions.

  11. Are everyone's videos showing the same frame on the front page? I see two dancing babies with maniacal grins and the pants-less boss (blocked by a plant) shaking hands. Mildly disturbing front-page image combo.

    The best part of that Bud Light video, by far, is when the original guy turns a corner right into the handyman changing the light bulb, right? Haha that sequence is burned into my mind after a few viewings

  12. Adult-like babies worry me :-/