Music Tuesdays feat. Small Hands, Big Ideas

Since Grace passed this group along to me, I give her all credit. The group is called N.A.S.A. and this song is called A Volta (their album is called The Spirit of Apollo), and it rocks:

The video for the song is pretty cool too. The group apparently consists of two producers, and then each song has a bunch of features. Check out some of their other songs; Way Down is pretty good.

What music do you recommend this week?


  1. The whole album is good, isn't it? I love artists that collaborate like this! Glad you dig it. I love Music Tuesdays!!

  2. Woah... my comment disappeared =(

    The whole album is good, I agree. The collaborations are pretty cool, I like finding the unexpected gems like A Volta and some of the others. The only song that disappointed me a bit was the Kanye feature (it was okay), maybe because I was expecting more from such a big name.

    Thanks for the find Grace!