Music Tuesdays - The Journey Continues by Sarah Cracknell

This find is from Scott. The official version with music video cannot be embedded, so here is an acoustic version:

Apologies to Aaron for including an acoustic song... I recommend you listen to the original version, it's quite good.


  1. By the way the song actually starts at the 40 second mark in the above

  2. I give myself 4/5 cheeky happy faces.

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the acoustic version of this song considering the original is somewhat EDM in nature.

    I also recommend you watch the original for it's rather awesome stop-motion video.

  3. If I were to reach into my imagination and just conjure up a song that would have the qualities I think Scott likes in music, I would have conjured something that sounds exactly like the original version of Cracknell's song. Dance music type rhythm, ephemeral female singing, frequent repetition, lyrics like "let the rain come down" - this song has it all.

  4. Haha! When you break it down like that, I think you've pretty much got it.

    In reality though, I'm easy to please: any song that makes me want to boogie and smile gets my vote.

  5. She has a really beautiful voice :)