Music Tuesdays - In for the Kill and Bulletproof by La Roux

As suggested by Scott, the before:

And the after:

Just looking at the name of the artist and the hair in those still screens, I figured we were in for a Scottie Special. The songs, with their 80s revival sound, backed that up. I'm not going to lie - I've been hearing Bulletproof on the radio and it's totally stuck in my head.

For comparison - our amiga C-Mac has a similarly retro-sounding selection this week also. Do you prefer the La Roux selection or the Breakbot song? Do you dig the general style, or no?


  1. This girl has grown on me! I used to hate her voice, but now I love that it's different. Her sound is poppy and uplifting. Great choices :)

  2. Meh. Doesn't really do anything for me. I guess I'd say that if I wanted an 80's flashback, I would rather just listen to a good 80's song. Watching the video I just kept thinking, Molly Ringwald + Flock of Seagulls + Tetris/Rubik's cube.

  3. Quick explanation of before/after:

    In for the Kill is about the protagonist(?) throwing herself into love with reckless abandon: "I hang my hopes out on the line / Oooh they'd be ready for you in time / If you leave them out too long / Oooh they'll be withered by the sun."

    Bulletproof is about the protagonist(?) doing the opposite: "Been there, done that, messed around / I'm having fun don't put me down, / I'll never let you sweep me off my feet, / I won't let you in again."

    I also really enjoyed these two lines:

    From In for the Kill: "How far can you send emotions? / Oooh can this bridge cross the ocean?"

    From Bulletproof: "Burnin' bridges shore to shore, / I'll break away from something more"

  4. I guess that wasn't so quick, eh?