A Proliferation of BevMo! in West LA

It used to be that the nearest BevMo! to Santa Monica was in West Hollywood (about 10 traffic-filled miles away, far from any major freeway, not convenient to get to) or Torrance (15 miles south on the freeway, can be really long in traffic). This was sad because BevMo is the best chain retailer for beer in SoCal. Their wine selection and prices are pretty good also.

But now, at least two new BevMo stores are suddenly coming to the west side. There is a BevMo coming to Wilshire and Centinela, next to CVS. A new banner on the store says its grand opening will be July 16th, a Friday. I'm excited. There has also been some reaction to the Wilshire BevMo from local media.

Since apparently one isn't enough, there is another new BevMo on Santa Monica Blvd and Westwood under renovation. The building used to house a Pier 1 Imports. Just for reference, these two stores are basically 2 miles apart. Not quite sure why BevMo decided to flood the market with self-competition, but if it results in more good beers (and wines) on shelves in my neighborhood, I strongly support this proliferation.


  1. I have been fortunate to always be within a few miles of the nearest BevMo ever since I graduated.

    You should go on a Friday and enjoy their beer tastings.

  2. This is awesome news! Now I can get my drink on during working hours too :P

  3. BevMo has Friday beer tastings?!?! How come you didn't bring this up before Aaron?

    PS - I find it awesome that I have 5 BevMo's w/in 10 miles of me in SF, and you've got 0 Royce. This makes me happy for some reason.

  4. In the words of a mutual friend, I hate you with the white hot fury of a thousand suns

    My dry spell will soon be over though, so I can't complain. I am super excited about the Friday tastings, which I also just learned about. I'm curious what the Grand Opening will be like on the 16th. Hopefully I can attend that.