Weekend Comedy 6/6


  1. One of my all time favorite videos. I quote from this thing all the time. In fact I find it hard to say simply "okay" without saying "Hokay! So! Here's the Earth..."

  2. Classic. I quote this one all the time. Seriously.
    "Wtf, eh?"

  3. Ohh ya that's another one, I can't say WTF without saying "WTF, mate"

    I also add le in front of any normal word sometimes to make it more enjoyable to me... le sigh

  4. But I am le tiiiired...
    OK, well have a nap. Then fire ze missiles!

    I can't believe how often I've worked that exchange into my daily life. I'd put "Hokay, So..."(The End of Ze World" up there in one of the sneakiest bits of pop culture on record. Everyone who attended college for a certain period - let's say late 2001 to early 2005 knows about, can quote it from beginning to end, and - like the dear members of FIWK - uses it's sage wisdom in our respective daily lives.

    THE END!!!

  5. "Mars is laughing at us..." and the "le ___" are phrases I incorporate all the time.

    I forgot how hilarious the end is as well: "fucking kangaroos". "Alaska can come too".

    Thank you sir Royce!

  6. For the first time ever, I just noticed the Chinese Control Room, in addition to the English sign which they point out, features a Japanese flag. See for yourself.

    Even more crazy humor!

  7. Aaaahahaha.... wow. Just wow. I sincerely hope I'm not related to that guy, but from his English look and his name I'd say there is a slight chance. Amazing find, Scooter.