Music Tuesdays: growing and dying(?)


When I first heard Owl City, I strongly disliked the song. It was whiny and soft and seemed exactly like something Royce would put on this blog knowing I would reduce his grace period. On the other hand, Paparazzi was a catchy pop song that I could get in to.

Then I kept hearing both songs on the radio and a funny thing happened. I started to like Owl City. It was light and happy. I enjoyed the transitions from refrain to chorus and back. I liked the imagery. I was enjoying listening to the song and gradually went from simply not changing the radio station to actually seeking it out. Owl City was growing on me.

Paparazzi was doing the opposite. The more I heard the song, the less I liked it. It became whiny and repetitive. Owl City and Paparazzi had switched places in my heart. Paparazzi was dying on me. But is this the right word? Was the song wilting on me? Shrinking? Decreasing? Dropping?

P.S. I continually referred to the song title Paparazzi because Lady Gaga has many popular songs, while Owl City only has the one popular song. Much like everyone referred to Fat Lip as "the Sum 41 song" until the success of their second album, Does This Look Infected?


  1. Allow me to suggest: "Rotting"

    The opposite of growing on you, plus it evokes "rotten", which is pretty apt for something you don't want to encounter any more, like - for example - a Lady GaGa song.

    "Yeah, I used to like Death Cab, but everything off 'Plans' is totally rotting on me"

  2. DAMMIT!! That is so perfect!

  3. Have we seen either of these songs on Music Tuesdays yet? I feel like we have seen Owl City, but I cannot find them anywehre. In case we haven't, I give "Fireflies" 4/5 Happy Faces

    PS The video for Fat Lip is awesome.

    PPS I sure as hell hope I didn't contradict myself with a rating different than a previous rating for "Fireflies"... :D

  4. No we've never done the Owl City song, but it certainly feels like a song we would have done.

    Aaron I am currently in the same place as you with both these songs (really enjoy Owl City, really don't like Paprazzi), but unlike you I did not have a journey to get there. I have despised Paparazzi from day one. Normally I kind of enjoy Gaga, but this song is an atrocity.

    Owl City is right up my alley so that's no surprise. It sounds VERY Death Cab/ Modest Mouse to me.

  5. To comment on Aaron's two great observations:

    I love the tradition of referring to the one hit wonder's one hit as the band name instead of the song name. Works in most cases. So you can refer to the Owl City song, the J-Kwon song, the James Blount song, the Blind Melon song, the Chumbawumba song. Other times it's better to refer to the song names I guess, like Bittersweet Symphony, Mambo No. 5, Stacy's Mom, I Love College.

    I was going to go basically the same direction as MP, but with the word "souring". I'm souring on Paprazzi, or the song is souring. Or now it's just sour. Can't decide if I'm more fond of rotting or souring right now.