Music Tuesdays: Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha

When I'm in charge of Music Tuesdays, there's a good chance I'm going to feature a video that you have already heard. In fact, there's a decent chance that the songs I pick are so popular that you may be tired of hearing them. So we're going to break this down a little differently.

Listen to the entire song, then listen to the following parts individually: 0:09, 0:25, 0:40 and 1:45.


  1. Ah yes, one of the finer artists of our generation. I'm sensing a little techno in there too... maybe I'm saying that because I'm partial to the style.
    I take your Ke$ha and raise you a Temper Traps remix:

    Live Love LA

  2. I find this song particularly interesting because to my untrained ear, I hear four distinct parts of the song each with its own distinct style. Most songs will have a refrain and a chorus. The chorus being the hook to which everyone know the words and the refrain being the music when everyone screws up the words. The first part (which is repeated twice at 0:57 and 2:01) is very similar to Tic Tok and seems designed to springboard off her previous success. The second part (repeats at 1:13) seems like it could be the chorus until it jumps into the very obvious chorus (featuring the name of the song) at 0:40 (and repeated at 1:28 and 2:18).

    The 1:45 mark is what sets this song apart for me. After the second chorus, you're expecting it to jump back to the opening style, but she interjects that fourth style before going back to the beginning. I also like the building crescendo beneath the music as each style finishes before transitioning to the next style.

    Now I'm going to ask for your help in classifying these four styles. The opening, which mirrors Tic Tok, seems like the kind of hip-hop you would hear in a club, but would not call rap. The second feels like a pop or rock refrain, while the chorus would never be called anything other than pop and is stereotypical of the chorus of a pop song. What's the fourth style? Spoken word?

  3. I'm actually kind of surprised that you're intrigued by the movements of this song. It seems like a fairly standard pop song construction to me? For instance there's the building crescendo throughout the song, the repeated intro/verse portion, the repeated pre-chorus portion, the repeated chorus, the bridge (at 1:45) which is basically a rap, a la the bridge in Gaga's "Just Dance", then a romping conclusion.

    Do the styles of these four sections change significantly, to the point they are different genres? I have a hard time seeing it.

    In fact I think the movements of the song are roughly equivalent to what you would see in an entirely dissimilar, but also popular, rock song like Plush by STP. It's a fairly well-established structure by now?

  4. For me, the standard I hear is the intro/verse/refrain music, the chorus and the bridge. In this song, it's the fourth style that keeps me coming back.

  5. I agree with Royce (even if his link to "Plush" by STP is a link to "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga) - this song sounds very much out of the recent pop music mold. That said, I still enjoy the song, and give it 3.5/5 Happy Faces.

    Since Neekoh posted her Temper Trap remix song here, I'll comment on that as well. While I normally enjoy Dance music, and think Neekoh and I could spend many-a-hours enjoying it together, this just didn't do it for me, so it only gets 3/5 Happy Faces.

    PS Just found this "guide" to EDM, which I think I'll be going through as I'm still new to the game, so to say.

  6. Ahh balls, you're right my Plush link was busted above. This one is good.

  7. FINE! It's nothing special. It's just a normal catchy pop song.

  8. In case you didn't catch the link reference there Royce, that was another "You're doing it wrong" link...