BusinessWeek: Most Expensive Summer Homes 2010

I never get tired of Bloomberg BusinessWeek slideshows like this one titled Most Expensive Summer Homes 2010. Which one is your favorite?


  1. Ok, assuming I get one of these houses, I can't sell it for the double digit millions of dollars it's worth and the rest of my net worth and income remain the same...I'll just take whichever one is closest. There's no way I'm flying out to the Hamptons on a regular basis.

  2. Me too Grace, me too.

    Aaron were you surprised how many of these were in CA? I guess I shouldn't be, weather wise the state makes a great vacation home location. Still, I was expecting a lot more "private island" vacation homes in this price range like the one in the Bahamas (no. 22 I think). Now that's a vacation home.

    I think the Rocky Oaks Estate in Malibu was by far my favorite. Not a ton of land, but 37 acres in Malibu is a lot, and it's got a vineyard and amazing views. Plus I could still commute to work from it. I guess that wouldn't make it my vacation home but whatever. The design is absolutely amazing. I'm a huge sucker for open space and giant terraces and patios with views.

  3. The other thing I learned from this is that giving your property an epic name is a key component of making it really valuable. Even if I have condo unit #D at 1122 10th Street, I am going to call it Royce Manor or Shady Willows Estate or something. Bam! Instant 10% increase in sale value.