Beer Wednesday: Pipeline Porter by Kona Brewing Co

I love Pipeline Porter by Kona Brewing Company. Love. It. I wouldn't call it a perfect beer, but it is perfect for my palate. I love smooth beers; Pipeline Porter is very smooth. I love rich malty porters; Pipeline Porter is nice and malty. I love coffee, particularly light roast Kona coffee; Pipeline Porter is made with "100% Kona coffee" giving it a really enjoyable coffee flavor. I could go on, but I'd embarrass myself.

Kona Brewing is the maker of the very good Longboard Island Lager, one of the best lagers I've had and deserving of a Wet Wednesday in its own right. The aspect that Kona Brewing gets right is that it makes well balanced beers. The Pipeline Porter has tremendous balance between its flavors. It's dominated by the Kona coffee flavor, especially right when you taste it, but that transitions into a mild but delicious chocolate flavor with a hint of sweetness on the mid-palate and the finish. It leaves a lingering coffee flavor that I like; it's not bitter but almost closer to a cappuccino flavor with the aftertaste.

That balance and lack of any bite or bitterness makes it extremely smooth and easy drinking. I love that. The one potential downside is that it has a fairly light bodyweight (especially for the style), if you care about that type of thing. For me it's not a problem at all, in fact I like it because it makes it more drinkable.

The beer is 5.4% abv and cost me $8 for a 6-pack. If you like coffee flavors in your beer, like smooth porters, or just like delicious beer, then I highly recommend the Pipeline Porter by Kona Brewing. The only negative is that I can't find it in any stores near me.


  1. Also, this is apparently a seasonal brew and can't be found in the summer months. It was at Bev Mo as recently as a few weeks ago, not sure if it will still be there this weekend. (Memorial Day marks the official start of summer, right?)

  2. You should just move to Kauai, Royce. All you can find is Kona Brewing Co. sixers. That and the much-inferior Wailua Brewing Company brews. I had the Wailua Brewing Kona Gold (ironically, not from Kona) and it barely registered on the "Mmmmm" Scale.

    Seasonal beers always give me a chuckle - who says we shouldn't be allowed to have Pumpkin Ale or Anchor Steam Christmas Ale all year round? This is America, after all.

  3. I could definitely enjoy a Sam Adams Summer Ale in January.

  4. Maui Brewing Co doesn't have a presence on Kauai?

    Yes, I would actually kill a man if it meant I could live in Kauai. Talented Mr. Riply style. If I do, you know, end up killing someone some day, please delete this post.

    Kona Brewing does the Longboard Lager mentioned above which is great, but they have a little bit of a miss with the Wailua Wheat Passion Fruit beer... although just typing that name, I guess I can see how that beer might go awry. It's not bad, just meh.

  5. Seasonal beers crack me up. If it's good, I feel like you'll make more dough making it year round. People wanna drink it, like Aaron said.

    I will say that I am about 200% more likely to drink a Corona with lime in the summer. So some beer styles do fit the seasons better than others. But I want my Pipeline Porter, dammit!

  6. Royce, I do some work for Kona on the mainland and I am happy to announce that Pipeline Porter is shipping this week. If you'd like more info, I've got it! Thanks.

  7. Haha - this is awesome! Thanks Sally!

    Royce - you excited again? :)

  8. Thanks Sally! Please give me more info!

    And yes, I am excited again