Tech Thursday: Hiatus!

Good Morning FIWK! Just dropping a quick note that I'm off to Europe for the next 2.5 weeks - YIPPEE!!! I know you'll all miss my participation, so I'm leaving you with this: suck it!


  1. You didn't even ask any of us to do a post! That is just plain wrong.

    (See? I even stole your running gag AND made it tech-themed. I rock.)

  2. Random tech suggestion

    You know what Excel needs? An option to turn on a function that automatically colors text when you make it a hard-coded number vs. a formula number, so anyone reading the spreadsheet can immediately see your plugged numbers that feed the spreadsheet.

    I manually do this all the time and I think it would be a really useful function. If this already exists I'm a genius. If not I'm a genius for suggesting it.