FIWK the NFL: Week 8 Quick Picks

No time for commentary!  Go go go!

Dallas at DETROIT +3.0

KANSAS CITY vs. Cleveland -7.5

NEW ENGLAND vs. Miami -6.5

Buffalo at NEW ORLEANS +11.0

PHILADELPHIA vs. ny giants -5.5

San Francisco at JACKSONVILLE -16.5

CINCINNATI vs. ny jets -6.5

OAKLAND vs. Pittsburgh +2.5

DENVER vs. Washington -12.5

ARIZONA vs. Atlanta -2.5

Green Bay at MINNESOTA -9.5

ST LOUIS vs. Seattle +11.0


  1. Aaron has already told me he has the following: $33 on Kansas City, Denver, Minnesota, and St. Louis

  2. I am going with $75 on Kansas City -7.5, that line seems crazy. Then again they couldn't cover last week. But Cleveland is back to Weeden which is a line-picker's goldmine.

    Also $30 on Buffalo +11, $30 on Jacksonville +16.5, and $30 on St Louis +11. Demasiados puntos all the way around. Although Buffalo is in NO, which makes me nervous.

    $30 on Denver -12.5 and $30 on Arizona -2.5. Both those lines seem a little too low to me, given that both of those teams are at home.

  3. I didn't get here in time. I would have won $$ on the Niners & Raiders. Would have lost on the Vikings.

  4. Lost on KC, Buffalo, and Jacksonville. KC really let me down. They fairly handily won by 6 points... but just couldn't get over the spread. Also Weeden didn't play, which helped Cleveland.

    Won on St Louis, Denver, and Arizona.

  5. I went 2-2, which would be fine except for the stupid vig.

  6. Word. The stupid vig. Oh and also I bet more than double on one team that lost.

  7. The vig is real my friends, the vig is real.

  8. This was Scott's first losing week. It's all downhill from here.

  9. Have you seen the movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis? Due Date or something? They have this conversation about whether "all downhill from here" is a good thing or a bad thing.

  10. Correction: Last week was my first losing week. Learn how to read good.

  11. I have not seen it. Is it good?

  12. I'm putting $33 on Cincy -3 right now.