FIWK NFL Thursday Quick Pick: Week 7

A better matchup on paper this week.... but the Thursday games have sucked:

Seattle at ARIZONA -6.5

Seattle's not amazing on the road, but the half-point makes me feel more comfortable.  That being said, Seattle has a DVOA of +34%, while Arizona's DVOA is -2%, so I feel on solid ground with this one.  This ought to be a matchup of two good defenses and not as good offenses.  That fact makes me nervous about the 7 points.... can Seattle score enough to exceed that?  We'll see.

Actually I've just talked myself back into this game being ugly just like every other Thursday game.  Ugh.  Bet on: "ME PLAYING GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 vs. Me watching this game -10.5".  Sneaky fantasy question here.... how good is Russell Wilson actually?  He's not amazing on my fantasy team.  But if he ever gets some good receivers, like say Percy Harvin If He Stays Healthy, could he vault into an elite type QB?  Or is his ceiling just 'fantastic low-stat game winner'?


  1. Crap I totally thought I left a comment saying $30 on Seattle -6.5. I suck at this.

  2. He threw 3 TDs, but only 235 yards. But did add 29 yards rushing... It does feel like he's a 250 yards, 1.6 TDs, .6 interceptions per game kind of guy. With a few big first downs and key plays to give the Seahawks the win.

  3. I can't find a historical comparison other than an Alex Smith 2.0. He's a great "game manager" in the vein of Alex Smith, but he can definitely do a bit more to actually win a game. Who's a good comparison from the past 2 decades?

  4. I know I totally can't think of a great example. Was Steve Young significantly better statistically? I'm too lazy to look it up.