Music Tuesdays - Lights Out, Words Gone by Bombay Bicycle Club

Very chill song... great band name, too.


  1. I started the song, didn't immediately hate it, then kept it on in the background.

    When the song stopped, I noticed I was expecting the next part of the rhythm. So I guess I'm ok with it.

  2. That movie sold the song. Who doesn't love watching old people dance? I hope to still be dancing when I'm 60!

    Song would have gotten 2 Happy Faces, but the movie sucked me in to the point where I actually enjoyed the song by the end.

    4/5 Happy Faces!

  3. Also on your point Scooter, I think the song gets strongest past about the 2 minute mark, when the beat really gets going. (Also - great topical happy faces link!)

    But like Aaron said, this is a good 'on in the background' song. I can see it slotting in reasonably well as the score to some movie or TV scenes.