Music Tuesdays via Caitlin McCabe - ADD SUV by Uffie (ft. Pharrell)

I was going to go with something else today, but then I found this song via Caitlin McCabe who found it via Prima Mag.

This song absolutely cracks me up. I'm still not sure what's going on - all I know is when the black-and-white mime guys on bicycles appeared, the video won me over.


  1. Oh wow. Where to start?

    1) I've heard so little of Uffie, that I literally typed "Uffie?" into Wikipedia (needless to say, no results come up)

    2) The video is awesome - love the Batman-esque graphics

    3) Pharrell's line about Memento blew me away: "Minute to minute, I feel like I’m in / The movie momento but I don’t have a pen"

    Overall, I give this 4/5 Happy Faces (Thanks Royce/C-Mac!)

  2. Um... this is the first result listed in your link... pretty sure that's her

    But I will grant you that I also had zero idea whos he was, I too enjoy the Batman graphics, and the Memento line was great

  3. I like the pace of the song. Royce's grace period is back up to five sings. But I'm going to keep linking to "Get By" because I like that song a lot more than "ADD SUV".

  4. Sorry - should have been "needless to say - didn't directly link to her page" (or, something to that effect)