Tech Thursday: Windows Phone 7 Review by Wired

I don't have the grandiloquent style that Scott does when it comes to describing the tech world, so I will just introduce the Wired review of the new Windows Phone 7 operating system by saying that I am very interested to see how the competition between Apple's iPhone, Google's Android, and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 shakes out. I can only hope it will result in a better product for the end user as each OS strives to add more features, better apps, and cleaner user interfaces.

This is yet another arena in which the big three tech companies are competing. Thank you Scott for the link. Anyone have an opinion on which mobile operating system will be the standout, and why?


  1. While "more features, better apps, and cleaner user interfaces" are very important, the winner will be the company that can increase functionality without sacrificing speed or performance.
    I don't remember when Scott sent this to me, in fact, I'm not entirely sure it was him that found it, but he gets the credit today.

  2. Just kidding. I know exactly when Scott sent it to me. July 16th at 4:23pm. I'm not kidding about the performance.

    And Royce, is that what you mean by user interfaces?

  3. You're completely right. Speed and performance will be the bedrock for success.

    By cleaner user interfaces I was thinking of what Windows just did with Phone 7 (at least, what they apparently did after reading that review). They made it quick, easy, and logical for people to access the beau coup information they have on their phones and on their cloud services. Obviously the iPhone has a pretty clean interface too.

    But speed and performance have to be the most important... your performance link above is terrifying. That will definitely murder the user experience.

    I kid you not that some of the most life-changing improvements in tech have come to me via user interface: the advent of tabs and the bookmarks bar on web browsers. Those two user-oriented advances have made it SO much easier to navigate the kajillion web pages one accesses every day.

    I love your Scott link by the way. And does the July 16 image search just return random images? The G-Man from Half-Life 2 is in the upper right, which is badass. Hot damn those games are fantastic.

  4. Dammit... I meant to link "beau coup" to MP, just because it's a French word.

    Fail by me.

  5. I linked to the July 16 image search results only because they were so random