BPL or EPL? Filling out your lineup

After the Rooney scratch last week, I've become hyper sensitive to unexpected injuries taking a toll on our players. Fantasy NFL owners of Jamaal Charles and Peyton Manning know all too well how injuries can drastically change your fantasy team. In the vein of using your bench of effectively, make sure that you are actively checking the Guardian Squad Sheets the night before game day. As of right now they and other fantasy sources are saying that both Rooney and Chicharito are going to play for Man United tomorrow.

That being said, I'm skittish enough about their injuries to yank my captaincy from Rooney. I'll be giving it to either Silva or Aguero since Man City faces hapless Blackburn this week. This is going to explode in my face when Rooney has 4 more goals against Norwich this weekend. I'm not quite ready to go 3-5-2 out of striker-injury fear though.

I don't have the capacity to do a full-blown defenders and goalkeepers analysis today, but do keep in mind that real value happens at Mid and Forward. I strongly recommend reading the Premier League Fantasy blog run by Chris Glover to get some good value-minded picks each week. He is in a different system than the ESPN Premier League fantasy, so the values and scoring are different, but the basic value plays are the same. Of particular interest are his in-depth numbers analysis posts, where he looks at stats like most shots taken, 'key passes' made, etc. I absolutely love these stats for trying to predict where value might lie in the future.

Now, in a nod to Men in Blazers, I'd like to solicit your Most and Least Disappointing players in Premier League fantasy through the first 6 weeks. Who is on your list?

Bonus question for my benefit: I'm dropping the mediocre Gary Cahill ($6 salary) for someone cheaper - do you like Jose Enrique of Liverpool for $5.4 (classic D on a good team option) or Ashley Williams of Swansea City also for $5.4 (not as good a team, but for a D he gets forward and could score)?


  1. I was also really tempted to throw in Ledley King at $5.5 for my D, but frankly that's just a homer Tottenham pick since he's only played the full 90 minutes in one game so far this year and will inevitably get hurt.

    Leaning towards Enrique since that team is frankly better.

  2. Right on cue, the aforementioned Premier League Fantasy has an article up on matchups, leading off with whether or not to captain Wayne Rooney.

    Apparently United has a great matchup this week against Newcastle (they are predicted to score the most goals by a mile) so Rooney or another United player would seem a good choice. I can't decide.

  3. Just picked up Enrique myself, actually, and not even as a pure homer pick. He has been solid in defense and manages to make his way forward into Liverpool's crowded midfield fairly often. He can set up goals well by moving the ball througn the air via his height.

    Most Disappointing: Timmeh at Everton (seems less sharp than in seasons past), Carroll at Liverpool (for £35 million, you don't want his legacy to be the visual definition of lolloping), and Tevez (though City seem to have done OK despite him).

    Not Included? Torres, formerly El Niño, because we saw shades of his already last season and, like Davies, I just feel awful for the kid.

    Least Disappointing: Anne "Suarez" Hathaway (challenging with Aguero for absolute best signing of the past year), De Gea (made Man U fans and defenders cringe on high balls against Stoke, but has performed admirably and allowed the likes of Jones to rampage forward at will), Barton (gives QPR some feistiness, actually scores, and manages to stay interesting day in day out)

    Not Included? Anyone else from Man U because I hate them.

  4. And Man U hosts Norwich, not Newcastle, tomorrow. You scared the bejesus out of me cos I have Newcastle's GK Krul starting over Howard!

  5. I definitely thought I wrote Norwich up there. My bad.

    Aside: I've been to Norwich once. Visited a mate at university there (that's my British lingo for the day). It was pretty interesting to get out of London, go through the farmland, and end up in one of England's random cities to see what it's like out there. Kind of dreary, if I'm honest.

  6. In case Aaron doesn't do an NFL picks post, I'm saving them here. I'm at a fictional $800 right now; fictional $50 on each of the following:

    Buffalo -3
    Minnesota -1.5
    NYG -1.5
    New England -4.5

    And the EPL lines:
    Manchester City -1 over BLACKBURN
    Over 2.5 goals, TOTTENHAM vs. Arsenal

  7. What are the odds that both my Man City defenders sat out this morning's shellacking of Blackburn?

  8. Who is the idiot who convinced me to drop Lampard because he wasn't very involved?

  9. Gee I dunno but you should give that numbskull a piece of your mind...

    To be fair, he'd done little, was becoming less involved, and had just gotten benched by his manager in favor of faster players. Which resulted in the team winning. So all trends pointed towards him being less involved...

    Just goes to show that I really don't get EPL benching action. Why did Ashley Young sit for Man U this weekend?? I have no earthly clue.

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