Tech Thursday: Interplanetary Internet

I have to keep this version of Tech Thursday short for two reasons. I stumbled across this Cerf interview of Cisco's Subnet editor, Julie Bort, and was fascinated that we have even been working with interplanetary protocols. These people are smart enough that it hurts my head thinking about how smart they are. "We need this new Bundle Protocol to overcome the latencies and all the disconnects that occur in space, from celestial motion [and from] orbiting satellites" Come again?

Image via DMX Zone.


  1. 1) Love the link humor within the link humor. I feel like there is a metaphysical thought somewhere in there.

    2) I think I was able to follow that conversation and it was all because of what I have learned from you, Scott. With high internet speeds and low latency, I can interact with a site very easily by clicking through multiple levels and having it send a new page every second. But with the distances involved in interplanetary communication, it is more convenient for me to send multiple instructions all at once and receive larger single downloads, because the download speed will still be pretty fast. It would be a HUGE pain to go trolling through Wikipedia while hanging out on Mars. I would probably be better off going outside and exploring.

  2. Agreed, fantastic links-within-links to successive Google Docs. Very meta. A high five to you, Scooter.

    Haha Aaron I love the binary world that future Mars colonists will exist in: either A) troll Wikipedia; or B) go outside and explore. Hey look! More red rocks!

    I'm thrilled that our society is contemplating space travel and the logistics thereof. This leads into one of the most fascinating things to me in the known universe - namely, humans experience existence in space. Humans were created by the singular physics and biology of earth, and the idea of trying to translate all of that purpose-built physiology/sense of reality into a non-Earth environment is amazing.

  3. ::pats self on back for meta-link::