Cricket: Why You Should Care

Cricket: (noun) [ˈkrɪk.ɪt] an insect or a game.

I'm not sure why we need to care about the insect, but I now know why we should care about the game. ESPN's Wright Thompson has written, in my opinion, an award-winning article on why cricket matters, and why we should care. I've always known about cricket-the-game, but never understood it's appeal (aside from being highly entertained by the commentary of CricInfo). Thompson's article, to say the least, has shed light on it's appeal - it's some of the best writing (in any genre) that I've read, and I recommend it for anyone to read.

Image via ESPN.


  1. Read the article, and then watch a match or ten. It's fascinating how quickly you will pick things up. I've only watched 2 full matches, with some Wikipedia searches in between, but once you get the scoring sorted out you are on the way to obsessive fandom.

  2. I've "watched" a few via the CricInfo commentary and it was crazy easy to pick up. I soooo want to watch the championship match tomorrow night/Sat morning. But it's such an awkward time.