FIWK the NFL: Combine

So the NFL combine is going on right now. You can even watch it on the NFL Network. Guys doing so many relevant football maneuvers like the 40 yard dash, the bench press, and the standing broad jump. Ok, I'll admit, I've tuned in a couple times so far. But that's more because I have been at home and not known what time it is. But every year, my favorite part, easily the best part, and dare I say, the only interesting part, is Rich Eisen running the 40 yard dash in his suit. I highly recommend watching the entire six minute clip as they compare Eisen's performance with some of the faster and slower NFL prospects.


  1. The NFL combine always makes me super curious what my 'measurables' are. I have maintained for a long time that a fun pre-game, tailgating event would be to put all our friends through a combine and measure our stats. Height, weight, wingspan, vertical, 40 time, shotgun-beer-drinking time, etc.

    I think I could beat Rich Eisen's 40 time with a sub-6 second 40. By the way, he had to do the 40 in a suit? Disadvantage.

  2. He does the 40 in a suit every year. He knows he is going to be slower than everyone else running, so he is only trying to beat himself from the previous year. It is more important to keep the consistency of wearing the suit from year to year.

    I've never tried to run in a suit.