Music Tuesdays - Mirrorage by Glasser

Yes, another quasi-haunting female vocalist. I am becoming a parody of myself with my music choices.


  1. Alright - we need to broaden your musical taste Mr. Royce.

    This is a big whopping MEH. 2.5/5 Happy Faces.

    PS the video gave this an additional .5, but I have no clue why. Very Captain-esque.

  2. What's with the toga/tablecloth/bedsheet/dress? I've seen pregnant women wear more form fitting clothing. That dress was the weirder than the four random colored squares and those things are freaking weird.

    The whole video feels like a montage from a Stanley Kubrick moviemovie.

  3. I'm not totally sold on the video, but it is weird. So there's that.

    I also had a Wet Wednesday and Tech Thursday ready for this week but totally failed to deliver. I suck.