Tech Thursday: IBM's "Next Five in Five"

Today, IBM unveiled their latest "Next Five in Five" - 5 innovations you should expect to see in the next 5 years that will change the way you work/play/live. It is their 5th installment (how's that for symmetry?), and they've had a pretty strong record over the previous four issues (as seen after the break). My favorite for this year is the "personalized commute" concept of adaptive traffic systems w/in GPS systems, allowing users to avoid this:

Image via GPS Systems.

IBM has had some good calls:
And some close calls:

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  1. I do really like the "forgetting will become a distant memory" prediction. The idea that I can go back and find out the name of that guy I met yesterday would be very helpful. I'm sure other people will have other uses, but I am going to use it for remembering names more than anything else.