Music Tuesdays - Beg Steal or Borrow by Ray LaMontagne

Douchey music alert: this is a very folksy, acoustic song... Aaron need not listen. Something about this song makes me feel like it should be in a cowboy movie.


  1. MP they are called bold predictions, not crazy talk. No one is predicting an MP pick, because they'll be thought a total fool.

    I will see if I can find a good link for Jaaaaaaaaash Freeman explanation.

  2. "Something about this song makes me feel like it should be in a cowboy movie."

    Perhaps it's the "video"? Or, the repetitive drumline that sounds like a horse-gallop? To me, it's too folksy to be cowboy.

    I'm surprised at how much I enjoy the guitar in this song. That said, still not quite up my alley: 2.5/5 Smiling Horses.

  3. Ah man, I put my football comment on the music post. Just because I'm a tool, I'm not moving it.

    Nice smiling horses. Come on, my cowboy movie line was funny. Just admit it.

    I shit you not, I found THE most emo, acoustic, female vocalist-happy "Royce special" band last week, named Land of Talk. But then I feared Aaron would quit the blog if I posted their songs. It really pushes the envelope of how anit-Aaron music can be though. One day I'll post a song or two, for comedy's sake.

  4. Thanks for not deleting it. If you had, my comment calling you a fool would not make sense...

    I did enjoy the cowboy line, however misguided it may have been.

    I'm going to begin finding related/themed happy faces for these posts.

  5. hot damn, that was some serious country western. I didn't watch the video, I have to admit, I was just listening while I did stuff around the house, but I get waaaay more of a country vibe than folk.

  6. The video was not a video...just the image for 4.5 minutes.

    And really - you think more country western than folk? How does country western differ from straight old country?

  7. I am perfectly capable of enjoying country. Such as this guy and these chicks.

    When I first started listening to this song, it reminded me a lot of Sweet Home Alabama (which I enjoy), until he started singing. I guess the tempo may be a really big factor for me? But I love Somewhere Over The Rainbow and this song. So I don't know. I guess I just like songs that sound good.

    Overall, Royce, you were right. I should not have listened.