Let It Go from Frozen (Idina Menzel)

On Saturday, Violet and I went to go see Frozen. Since walking out of the theater, we have listened to this song approximately 516 times. I love it. It is sung by Idina Menzel, who also plays Elphaba in Wicked and I absolutely love her in Defying Gravity.


  1. First off: I love Wicked. I specifically love how well Elphaba (Menzel) & Glinda (Chenowerth) harmonize throughout the play (ala Defying Gravity).

    Is this movie as good as all the reviews make it out to be (best Disney flick in some time)? Being a fan of Disney & musicals (therefore, BIG fan of Disney musicals), I feel like I need to see this.

    I give this song 4/5 Happy Faces. It probably would be higher (given the above) if I knew the background to the song.

  2. I really enjoyed it. It felt they got everything, including the music, right. If Brave was an attempt to have a strong female hero (as opposed to the classic damsel in distress), it fell short. Frozen did not. It was rather direct and more effective in empowering little girls.

    In terms of movies overall, it was a little too simple to be great. It was a great kids movie, but doesn't really warrant any Oscar consideration, except for the songs/score.

    Also, when I first read this comment, I thought it was Royce. I guess there's a reason we are pretty good friends.