Music Tuesdays - Trouble Town by Jake Bugg

This song is shared partly in honor of Coachella this weekend and next.  Jake Bugg of England will be a performer at Coachella.

Tangent - has a random song ever fit a brand's logo more appropriately than Jake Bugg's song "Lightning Bolt" fits this Gatorade commercial?  It's uncanny.

Tangent no. 2 - Also in honor of Coachella next week I'll be highlighting the artists performing there that we here at FIWK have enjoyed over the past year or so.  Are there are any artists playing Coachella that you'd be particularly excited to see?  Anyone you're surprised is on the bill?

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  1. Meh. I got through it, but I'm not going to listen to it again.

    Regarding Tangent no. 2, the answers to your two questions are probably all the same for me. If I am excited to see them, I would probably be surprised they are playing.

    Now, if you forced me to go, here are the bands I would go listen to:
    -Blur: to finally here a Blur song that isn't Song 2, which I really, really like.
    -Dropkick Murphys: and they better play "Coming Back to Boston".
    -Of Monsters and Men: I actually like "Little Talks" and could have sworn I mentioned this song or it weird video here on the blog somewhere. But I doubt I would end up liking much of their music.
    -Red Hot Chili Peppers
    -Social Distortion: This would probably be my favorite band at Coachella. I have a few of there songs in my regular rotation. Specifically "Don't Drag Me Down" and "Reach For The Sky".
    -Yeah Yeah Yeahs: There's a chance I'd like some of their stuff.

    Overall, of the 178 artists listed, I might have heard of 8% of them and like going in only 3% of them, and maybe like 5-7% of them coming out.