Music Tuesdays - Trouble Man by Electric Guest


  1. "She's got it bad for me..."

    I do not know why this song essentially plays twice, and is therefore 8 minutes long. But other than that, I enjoy the vibe.

  2. 3.5 Happy Faces.

    I feel like I should like this more than I do. Confused. Not sure where I imagine myself listening to this?

    Although that's a pretty sweet line.

  3. That should have read 3/5; not 3.5

  4. Ouch, the 0.5 point retraction from the Russian judge! You just did that to beat the spread.

    Anyway I feel basically how you do about the song... the hook will kind of get in my brain, and I'll go listen to it again because of that, but then I don't really jam to it the way I was to just the hook in my brain. If that makes sense. (It doesn't.)