Music Tuesdays - Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

This is a Los Angeles band and their song has been getting a lot of play on local LA radio lately. Fun song.


  1. I liked it a lot...until the 38 second mark. When the guy started singing. Then it dropped a lot for me. But the video and the chorus slowly built it back up for me. By the end I was thinking it looked and sounded fun.

    I can definitely say I liked the music, even if I did not think the singing was all that great.

  2. So, I've been hearing this song on the radio quite a bit in the last couple weeks and I knew I heard it on FIWK first. But I wanted to come back and see what my initial thoughts of the song were. I was worried that the song was growing on me, but that I would have disliked because Royce posted it.

    Now, I usually don't hear the instrumental before the lyrics start (as is the way with radio in general), but this song has evoked a nostalgic feel when I do hear it in the car. Thank you Royce.