Tech Thursday: Smartphones in Cars

A recent Business Week article on smartphone apps in cars covers ground we at FIWK have already been over, but it's still interesting to consider.

Below is a CNet Car Tech video which covers another really interesting way for smartphones to communicate with cars - especially electric cars. Ford is displaying the ability for an app on your phone to set the charging parameters and features on your electric vehicle remotely (starting about halfway through the video):

This is a great integration of phone and car technology, right?

In a related story, the grill on the Ford Focus electric is one of the best examples of robot mouth in automobile history.


  1. Before you ask - why yes, I am indeed super good at posting Tech Thursday a day late.

    Also, this reminds me that I need to put up an article about the 5 car technologies that need to be in all automobiles. There is a "lot of "headroom left" as far as car efficiency and mpg, as Brian Coolidge of CNet Car Tech says in one of their recent videos.

  2. Which review are you referring to? The first (Ford Focus) doesn't highlight any smartphone-based applications.

    Also - thought you would find this article entertaining. Brain-controlled cars! First step to automated cars? Or, and this is what I believe, an ill-fated branch in the evolution of the automobile.

  3. Dammit thanks... I thought I found the right video but I guess this isn't the one where he breaks down the smartphone companion to the Focus Electric. Back to the search.

    So can you break down for me why you think automated driving of cars is an ill-fated evolutionary step?

  4. My rationale is basic: why waste time developing a mind-controlled car when we're well on our way to fully automated cars?

    If I'm a consumer, I'd want to have full control of my car, or have my car be able to take full control. I can't imagine too many consumers out there opting for middle ground: hey, don't make me touch the wheel/pedals, but but I still want to "control" the car with my mind.

  5. Oh I thought you were saying the fully automated car was ill-fated. You were just saying mind control was dumb.

    Agreed on both counts. Like I said in the comments a week or two ago, I think automated cars are coming.