This week in sports: The Chargers are favored?

The Chargers are 2-4 and are dangerously close to being classified as a bad team. At the very least, they are below average. The Patriots are 4-1 and look like one of the best teams in the league (you know, if you only look at offense) and the Chargers are favored? But as I announced before, I am taking the Chargers every time. Because I'm the good kind of homer. I'm dedicated, optimistic and blinded. Here's a quick recap around the league...hell, because it's late on Friday, for a few of these games, I'll just give my pick and the predictions.

Cincinnati @ Atlanta (-3.5): Why should I think the Bengals can win? Falcons it is.
Not so bold prediction: Michael Turner rushes for 100 yards.
Bold prediction: Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens will have more receiving yards than Roddy White.

Washington @ Chicago (-3): I'm taking the Redskins and the points.
Not so bold prediction: Matt Forte has more total yards than Ryan Torain.
Bold prediction: Matt Forte has more receiving yards than every Redskin except Santana Moss.

Philadelphia @ Tennessee (-3): I'm taking the Eagles and the points.
Not so bold prediction: Chris Johnson runs for over 100 yards.
Bold prediction: Kevin Kolb throws for 100 more yards than Kerry Collins (That's a lot!)

Jacksonville @ Kansas City (OFF): Yahoo! makes this a PICK, but USA Today puts KC as a 9 or 10 point favorite. I'll take KC to win outright, but Jacksonville to cover 10 points.
Not so bold prediction: I'm going to switch this up and make two bold predictions for this game, so Bold prediction #1: No one gets over 100 yards rushing or receiving.
Bold prediction #2: Jamaal Charles rushes for more yards than Maurice Jones-Drew

Pittsburgh (-3) @ Miami: I think Ben Roethlisberger continues to throw touchdowns to make everyone (teammates and fans) like him.
Not so bold prediction: Brandon Marshall leads the game in receiving yards.
Bold prediction: If I could get decent odds (say 8-1 or better) I'll say Pittsburgh wins by exactly three points and this is a push.

Cleveland @ New Orleans (-13): After beating Tampa Bay handily they finally looked like a really good team. I want to see them do it again before I lay 13 points.
Not so bold prediction: Drew Brees leads the game in passing yards.
Bold prediction: Peyton Hillis leads the game in rushing yards.

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay (-3): I'm taking the Rams and the points.
Not so bold prediction: Steven Jackson leads both teams in rushing yards.
Bold prediction: There is a defensive touchdown or a special teams touchdown or fumble.

San Francisco (-3) @ Carolina: Finally it makes sense that the 49ers are favored. I mean, it's against winless Carolina, but they got there. Still...with a West coast team flying East* playing early I'll take the Panthers and the points.
Not so bold prediction: Neither QB gets 300 yards passing.
Bold prediction: Neither QB gets 200 yards passing.

Buffalo @ Baltimore (-13): Buffalo looks all kinds of bad. And it's not like I think the Ravens will win 17-3...their defense isn't exactly as dominant as it has been in the past. But I do think Ray Rice has a great day and they win 31-17 or so.
Not so bold prediction: Ray Rice leads the game in rushing plus receiving yards.
Bold prediction: Ray Rice has more rushing plus receiving yards than the TWO best Bills.

Arizona @ Seattle (-5.5): Seattle's defense is sneaky above average. Arizona is not so sneakily really, really bad. I'll go ahead and take the home team in this one.
Not so bold prediction: Larry Fitzgerald leads the game in catches.
Bold prediction: Max Hall throws for more yards than Matt Hasselbeck.

Oakland @ Denver (-8); It's not that I think the Raiders are actually dependable in the slightest. Just that I don't think the Broncos are any more dependable and in situations like this, I'll take the lots of points over the laying more than a touchdown.
Not so bold prediction: Kyle Orton leads the game in passing yards.
Bold prediction: There is a touchdown of over 50 yards in this game.

Minnesota @ Green Bay (-3): This game will be so annoyingly hyped with Brett Favre and Green Bay. For the first time in my life I might actually mute the game. My wife even understands that Brett Favre is annoying...but I'll still take the Vikings ant the points.
Not so bold prediction: Adrian Peterson leads the game in rushing.
Bold prediction: Brett Favre has at least two turnovers.

New York Giants @ Dallas (-3): In the "how the hell are they favored" category I am choosing "I will gladly take the points for an underdog I think will win outright."
Not so bold prediction: Ahmad Bradshaw leads the game in rushing.
Bold prediction: There are 6 guys who will score at least 12 fantasy points.(Yes, I lowered it a little bit.)

AND....TIME!!! How did I do?'s a new PR!!


  1. How are the following bold predictions?

    - Favre w/ 2+ TOs
    - Peyton Hillis leads the game in rushing yards.

    I LOVE these bold predictions:

    - Matt Forte has more receiving yards than every Redskin except Santana Moss. (why: neat prop, and I think he even beats Moss)
    - Neither QB gets 200 yards passing. (why: that's just flat out rude, but awesome - and this from a Niners fan)
    - Ray Rice has more rushing plus receiving yards than the TWO best Bills. (why: I'm assuming you mean the two best Bills combined; if so, another neat prop that combines my reasons for #1 & #2 above)

    My Picks:

    - Falcons -3.5: Ditto to your reasoning
    - Giants +3.5: Ditto to your reasoning
    - Panthers +3: Ditto to your reasoning

    That was easy (scary when great minds think alike, no?)

  2. I'm also going to take the Raiders +8 for 2 reasons:

    1) Oakland's good at running the ball; Denver's poor at defending the run

    2) Denver's good at throwing the ball; however, Oakland's pretty good at defending the pass with the best corner in the league - Nnamdi Asomugha (sorry Revis Island)

  3. Aaron excellent pioneering use of "sneaky above average", that is instantly my favorite new turn of phrase. And I agree with Scott about the Favre 2 TOs being not so bold.

    I'll take:
    Atlanta -3.5
    Pittsburgh -3
    St Louis +3

  4. I haven't seen any scores yet. I'm taking NYG +3, Oakland +8, Pittsburgh -3, Seattle -5.5, Atlanta -3.5, Cleveland +13, St. Louis +3.

  5. Royce, how the hell did you post a comment at 5:47am?

  6. Jet Lag Hadden, is my guess.

    I like Ted Robinson as the Niners play-by-play radio guy. He gets excited for any big (or potentially big) play, regardless of which team it is. But, obviously, he gets more excited for the Niners' stuff. And, it's fun to hear him get loud after getting used to hearing him as a tennis announcer.

  7. Oh, couldn't let this slip by: Aaron, your comment on Roethlisberger was one of the funniest things I've ever read. Truth is the essence of comedy.

  8. Indeed, jet lag plus a head cold... I have been going to bed very early because of the combination, and then feeling uncomfortable in the early mornings.

    Mik I like how you roll in but still don't make any picks. You're consistent.

    Omg the Raiders?!?! Wow.

  9. And we've got a new leader in the clubhouse! Ladies and gentlemen, you're updated scores:

    Aaron: 19-17-2
    Scott: 10-10-1
    MP: 0-0-0
    Royce: 12-13-1

  10. Last week Chris Ivory rushed for 158 yards and the Saints were supposed to be better than the Browns. That's why Peyton Hillis leading the game in rushing was a bold prediction. He ended up running for 69 yards, Ivory ran for 48 and Cleveland's punter ran for 68.

    How do you guys like the format for how I review my predictions? Should I add those directly to the comments here or leave them on the separate page?

  11. So, I went 6-1 with my seven picks, but I think I did a little worse on my predictions, going 5-7 with the 'Not so bold' ones and 5-9 in the 'Bold' variety...although getting 5 bold predictions correct is still pretty good.

    (And yes Scott, I am counting Ryan Torain and Brett Favre.)