NFL 2012 Week 10: Sick week

I was sick this week, so all you get is my picks, but not in order of game time.  These picks are in order of confidence.

MIAMI (-6) over Tennessee
Indianapolis (-3) over JACKSONVILLE
Atlanta (-2.5) over NEW ORLEANS
MINNESOTA (-2) over Detroit
CHICAGO (-1) over Houston
Denver (-4) over CAROLINA
SAN FRANCISCO (-11.5) over St. Louis
Kansas City (+12.5) over PITTSBURGH
Nyg (-4) over CINCINNATI
BALTIMORE (-7.5) over Oakland
NEW ENGLAND (-11) over Buffalo
PHILADELPHIA (+1.5) over Dallas
SEATTLE (-6) over Nyj
San Diego (+3) over TAMPA BAY

I am least confident about the Chargers, but my lack of confidence as a Chargers fan is independent of my lack of confidence via statistical analysis.


  1. For the record I don't enjoy your sick week posts nearly as much as I enjoy your regular week posts.

    $50 on Indy -3, that seems preposterous - wait, what? Oh, they did? Crap.

    $50 on Dallas -1.5, $50 on Seattle -6, $50 on New England -11, and $50 on SD +3.

  2. Further $50 on me throwing my remote at the TV after Vincent Jackson burns us for a classic deep V-Jax TD that reminds me of when he caught those from Rivers. Followed by my eyes getting a little moist (but kind of like angry moist) from the wistful memories of Chargers days gone by.

  3. $40 on Miami, Indy (fine I won't take them either), Atlanta, Minnesota, Chicago.

    $20 on Denver, San Francisco, Kansas City, Nyg, Baltimore, New England.

  4. 1-3 on $40 bets, 3-3 on $20 bets. Down $80 to $950.

  5. By the way, I won on my $50 that V-Jax pisses me off by reminding me why he was so good for SD bet. Too bad it wasn't a real bet.

    I split my other picks (lost on NE and SD) to stay even at $890.

    Aaron, I can't believe you're beating the immortal, inert MP! Congrats! Don't jinx it.

  6. Oh wait I read that wrong, now you're not beating him. Pre-jinxed.

  7. Shite - I have no clue what I'm back in a bit.