Which photo is better?


I took both of these at sunset just outside my place. Just put Violet down to bed, saw these colors through the window, grabbed the camera and went outside. So what do you like better? The silhouette of the bushes with the colors in the background? Or the colors reflected on the water?


  1. Reflection. Easy.

    The silhouette photo looks too cluttered. I'm a fan of simple. I think that photo would have been better if you had only a few bushes, took it from a wider angle, or had only the bushes in the photo (removed the trees/hills further in the distance).

  2. Agree with Scott, for similar reasons. The idea of a silhouette is a good one, especially against the dramatic sunset coloring, but what you have is less silhouette and more obstacle. As a result it lacks a focus to draw the eye in an appealing way.

    The other one is phenomenal. The few palm tree silhouettes against the blazing sunset look fantastic, and then you double up the awesome with the slightly ripply water reflection. Well done sir.

  3. I actually knew the reflection was by far the superior photo, but I needed a second one to continue the voting aspect. The bushes were simply my second favorite photo.