Which photo is better?


I'm unveiling a new regular addition to the blog today. I really like to take photos and have recently invested in a really nice dSLR camera. In the world of digital photography and memory cards where people are upset when a card hold only 1000 photos, there are many, many occasions where I have two similar but different shots of the same scene or subject and I often have trouble determining which one turned out the best.

So I am going to post them both and let the public decide. Eventually I'll open this up to competing photos by others, I'll add a better voting system and I will probably come up with a better/catchier name. But for now, here are a couple photos from Paris to whet your appetite. I know MP will be ready to expound all things Paris.


  1. The above photo is the Statue of Liberty in the foreground and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

    The below photo is Rodin's Thinker in an outdoor museum, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

    Any suggestions on the name of this on-going idea?

  2. LOVE IT. I couldn't be happier that you picked Paris to unveil the newest addition to the FIWK family.

    For me, it's no contest. My favorite parts of the city are where the Tour pokes up where you would least expect it. In the Rodin photo, it's almost saying, "Bet you forgot I'm here, didn't you?". Plus any time you can get Paris' most famous site with ANOTHER world-famous thing (I honestly can't think of another word there) that's pretty impressive.

    As for the title, I actually liked the stripped-down simplicity of Which Photo is Better? You know just what you're getting, no fuss and no drama. And people love voting on stuff.

    As for the second batch, I'm a total sucker for reflection shots. Well done.

  3. I voted for the top one, because I liked the tower-statue juxtaposition, but after reading Mik's comment I change my vote. Completely agree that one of the cool things about Paris is the way the tower pops up all the time in backgrounds.

    Also the way you framed the Thinker photo, with him kneeling at the bottom third of the frame, with the bushes framing him and then towered over by Eiffel over the rooftops, gives a multi-layered verticality to the photo that I really enjoy. That would look awesome blown up to poster-size and framed on a wall.

  4. Speaking of printing out your own photos, I just recently did this for a travel photo of Manarola in Italy's Cinque Terre on a canvas print and it's really fantastic. Now I'm trying to find other photos that I can print and frame in interesting ways. A good landscape of the Florence skyline might be the next print.

  5. I voted bottom as well. The only thing I'd change about this would be to add a Modifier to the title - something like:

    - "Which Photo is Better? Paris!"
    - "Which Photo of Paris is Better?"