Music Tuesdays - Little House by Goldenspell

Watch the video and tell me that's not a cool idea. That is a COOL idea. And very well done too... it reminds me vaguely of the HTC "You" commercial in its shorthand approach and its tone.

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  1. First off, great song and I actually enjoy following the story as painful as it is to watch (even in about 3 minutes, they manage to pull me in!). I really like the concept, though I kept waiting for a photo-within-a-photo to come alive for super-coolness.

    I liked the HTC take as well, and I think the idea that you can document your life exactly as you want it is what is so appealing about the technology, and that is what inspired the video (and HTC's marketing, of course). Everyone is, or can be, an artist now since the tools are at everyone's disposal. It's pretty exciting and, if we're lucky, we'll get more iterations like this one and fewer like that "Friday" girl.